Nova White - Lay-In Ceiling Panel

Nova White is a PVC laminated gypsum ceiling tile. Nova White is a long term durable tile which can be used in commercial and retail applications where ease of maintenance and improved anti-sagging properties are vital.

The unique foil backing provides a condensation barrier decreasing moisture penetration which can result in tile sag, discoloration and possible delamination. This is practical not only for areas of high humidity, but also for roof spaces with low ventilation. A high density core is specifically manufactured for greater resistance to sag than regular plasterboard types.

The PVC laminate is a high-quality, low-sheen and fine textured laminate. This reduces the visibility of marks or possible blemishes and is extremely easy to clean.

Physical Properties
  • Type: Plasterboard Ceiling Tiles, Vinyl Lay-In Ceiling Tiles,  Suspended Ceiling TilesHumidity Resistant Fungus and Rot Resistant Sag Resistant 
  • Material: Plasterboard 
  • Texture(s): Fine Textured Vinyl Face
  • Colour(s): White 
  • Edge Profile(s): Square Edge
  • Panel Size: 592mm
  • Panel Width: 1192mm
  • Panel Thickness: 9mm 
  • CAC: N/A 
  • NRC: N/A

USG Boral products are manufactured from a combination of gypsum and paper liner made from 100% reclaimed and recycled paper waste.


General purpose ceiling tile

Technical Data

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