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USG Boral Malaysia kicks off USG Boral Build programme with EPIC Homes

USG Boral Malaysia kicks off USG Boral Build programme with EPIC Homes

Kuala Lumpur, 13 March 2018 – USG Boral Malaysia, a leading manufacturer and supplier of plasterboards, has kick-started its partnership with EPIC Homes through the USG Boral Build programme. The first build activity took place from 18 to 20 February 2018 at Kampung Asli Serendah in Serendah, Selangor to construct a new home for Orang Asli villagers.

According to Shelter the World, one in five or 1.5 billion people around the world are currently living in adequate housing or are homeless. To address this issue within Malaysia, EPIC Homes works with various partners, including USG Boral, to help build new homes for communities with unsafe, unhealthy and crammed living conditions.

Over the three days, volunteers from the USG Boral team comprising 33 employees and four business partners – Ar. Lim Pey Chye, Tinuringham Thanabalasingam, Ir. Kok Yen Kwan and Ir. Chang Yew Cheong, worked alongside EPIC Homes volunteers and the home recipient, Amran to construct a 630sqft home for Amran and his family of four.

Before the project commenced, all volunteers also participated in a compulsory Builder Basics Workshop. They were later divided into teams to build the walls, roofing, flooring and structures, each led by a Specialist directed by the EPIC Homes Master Builder.

“As a building materials company, we want to build homes that are much more than just a place to live and we are excited to partner with EPIC Homes to help achieve this goal and improve the lives of the local community,” said Daron Cheah, Managing Director of USG Boral Malaysia. “Through the USG Boral Build programme, we want to collaborate with our key stakeholders, and empower our employees and customers to work together by sharing our knowledge and expertise.”

John-son Oei, President of the EPIC Society commented, “We are excited to work with USG Boral to extend our combined comprehensive value proposition to the local community and continue our strong track record of growth. EPIC and USG Boral are united by a shared commitment to compassionate care excellence. I'm excited for the employees of EPIC, and I see a bright future ahead for our companies as we continue to serve and improve the lives of the local community.”

USG Boral Malaysia also contributed the USG Boral products such as Durock® Cement Board, StandardCORE plasterboard and Rondo® Metal Components to kick off the programme.

USG Boral Build programme with EPIC Homes