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USG Boral Malaysia An Integral Part of Country's Growing Drywall Construction Industry

USG Boral Malaysia An Integral Part of Country's Growing Drywall Construction Industry

Malaysia’s construction industry is showing a rising interest in using drywall products – primarily gypsum boards and plaster board – for construction projects. Initially, there was a negative perception about drywall as a dependable building material. Developers were sceptical whether these drywall products were able to withstand heavy loads, a prerequisite needed for building materials today.

However, thanks to painstaking efforts taken by companies such as renowned building materials provider USG Boral Malaysia to perfect their drywall products, the industry is now accepting drywall systems as reliable alternatives to conventional building materials available today. In fact, drywall construction is widely used in commercial, healthcare, and hotel projects in Malaysia, thanks to the advantages it provides such as a lighter build, less mess and wastage, speedier and easier construction, and better cost efficiency.

To put things into perspective, Mr. Daron Cheah, Managing Director of USG Boral Malaysia, gave an example of the benefits provided by drywall products. “A normal brick wall needs takes about two weeks to complete, mainly because the binding agent – cement – needs time to dry sufficiently before more layers can be added. However, building a wall using drywall only requires one or two days including painting. Not only does this speeds up the construction process, using drywall also enables developers to save up to 20% in construction costs.

Earlier this year, USG Boral Malaysia launched its latest drywall product – plasterboards with its patented Sheetrock® technology in Malaysia. Mr. Cheah believes that this is a good alternative to wet construction methods used today. The company’s R&D team managed to reduce the weight of the product while enhancing its strength, making it superior than commonly-used building materials today.

As drywall construction continues to gain momentum in Malaysia, USG Boral Malaysia is committed to continuously providing top-quality drywall products and other building materials to benefit the country’s construction industry as well as consumers.

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