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USG Boral Introduces Cutting-Edge Sheetrock® Technology in Malaysia

USG Boral Introduces Cutting-Edge Sheetrock® Technology in Malaysia

Kuala Lumpur, 21 March 2018 – USG Boral, a global leader in the building products technology, has introduced its patented industry-leading Sheetrock® technology to its plasterboards for the first time in Malaysia. Plasterboard is also commonly known as drywall or gypsum panels. The premium USG Boral Sheetrock® plasterboard is recognised as the leader in its category with cutting-edge innovation, quality and effectiveness in meeting architectural and building needs. Tapping on its well-established expertise in pioneering science-based innovation, USG Boral’s Sheetrock® represents a major next-generation breakthrough in the plasterboard industry.

“In the construction industry, the benefits of using plasterboards as a viable alternative to the traditional wet construction walls made of brick or concrete are becoming more recognised. In a country like Malaysia, where as much as 75% of the population is expected to be urban residents by 2020, there is a need to build more efficiently to keep up with the population demand[1]. Traditional construction methods require a longer construction schedule and can have high material and labour costs, so innovations in building materials and methods are crucial for generating savings in time, labour and material costs, and developers can also in turn transfer the savings to buyers,” said Daron Cheah, Managing Director of USG Boral Malaysia.

Cheah said the possibilities of adopting alternative construction methods that are more efficient and cost-effective are vast. “In recent years, plasterboards have been gaining popularity in high-rise residential and commercial construction. With the introduction of USG Boral’s Sheetrock® plasterboard in Malaysia, we hope to push the growth of sustainable construction and use of plasterboard in the next few years,” he said.

The USG Boral Sheetrock® plasterboard is designed to be easily handled and installed by fewer workers, and ensures a cleaner and faster construction process, compared to traditional wet construction walls. Available in thicknesses of 9.5mm and 12.5mm, Sheetrock® is up to 18% lighter compared to products with the same thickness available in the market. The uniformed core also helps to minimise damage during handling and installation. USG Boral’s Sheetrock® features proprietary Sag-Defying Strength™ that allows the ceiling frame to span further lengths, thus offering savings in terms of value engineering.

The eco-friendly USG Boral Sheetrock® plasterboard is encased in 100% recycled paper liner and generates limited waste and causes no pollution during construction. USG Boral’s Sheetrock® technology also addresses durability needs with better core strength and sag resistance performance, making it ideal for use in the humid Southeast Asian climate. Sheetrock® is also versatile, allowing for easy expansion of walls and can be filled with additional insulation to enhance soundproofing and improve acoustic quality.

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[1] 11th Malaysia Plan, Strengthening infrastructure to support economic expansion

Sheetrock® Technology in Malaysia