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USG Boral Malaysia Solidifies Presence with Impressive Showcase in Ecobuild Asia 2018 Event

USG Boral Malaysia recently participated in the prestigious Ecobuild Southeast Asia (also known as Ecobuild SEA) 2018 event held at the Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre (KLCC) on 27 – 29 March. This 3-day exhibition event was organised by the Construction Industry Development Board (CIDB) Malaysia in conjunction with International Construction Week (ICW) 2018.

Participants who attended the event included architects, project owners, main and sub-contractors from both private and government sectors, which proved that the Ecobuild SEA is a reputable and recognised platform in the ASEAN region for the construction industry.

As it was held just a few weeks after we had officially launched Sheetrock® in Malaysia in an exclusive private event, Ecobuild 2018 served as the perfect platform for USG Boral Malaysia to showcase their products to a wider spectrum of audiences. The company took this as an opportunity to once again showcase six systems namely Sheetrock®, EasyFinishTM, Durock®, Maxi SkimTM 88, MarsTM ClimaplusTM and Securock® Glass-Mat Sheathing.

As with most large-scale exhibition events, the space allocated for each booth was quite limited. Despite the limitations, USG Boral still managed to emerge with a unique and eye-catching setup which consisted of a curved wall for Durock®, the perfect finishing for Maxi SkimTM 88 and the anti-sagging performance display for Sheetrock® together with Sheetrock® Unispan ceiling system. Not only that, the company also managed to showcase the acoustic performance of MarsTM ClimaplusTM, wet area drywall system for Securock® Glass-Mat Sheathing and the plaster replacement system for EasyfinishTM.

As a result, this setup enabled the booth to become the center of attention for the night as it stood out from the remaining booths there. The booth prompted many participants to show interest and drop by to enquire more information about the products and systems. Thanks to the creative setup of the booth, the company was subsequently awarded the “Most Attractive Booth” award for the second year running.

USG Boral Malaysia’s participation at this year’s Ecobuild SEA 2018 event proved to be a success as it enabled the company to showcase various systems and products to the public. This was a huge step towards changing the public’s mindset that USG Boral Malaysia is more than just a reputable plasterboard supplier, but a comprehensive solutions provider.

Ecobuild Asia 2018 Event