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USG Boral Malaysia Introduces Innovative Sheetrock® Plasterboard Technology in Malaysia

USG Boral Malaysia Introduces Innovative Sheetrock® Plasterboard Technology in Malaysia

USG Boral Malaysia, a leading building materials supplier in the country, recently launched the cutting-edge Sheetrock® plasterboards in Malaysia. The product line made its debut appearance during the company’s Sheetrock® launch event held on 8th and 9th March 2018 at Lightbox, Sungai Buloh. The two-day product launch event was organised as an effort by USG Boral to engage different segments of industry players in a more interactive manner, including architects, developers, government representatives, distributors, main/sub-contractors, skilled workers, etc.

Comprising of 6 showcase booths that spanned an area of more than 8300 sq. ft, USG Boral also took this event as an opportunity to feature five other products, namely EasyFinishTM, Durock®, Maxi SkimTM 88, LogixTM and Securock® Glass-Mat Sheating. All six booths were specially designed to highlight the benefits and properties of the products and systems on showcase to the attendees.

As the star of the show, Sheetrock® had the biggest booth which aptly showcased ceiling and drywall systems currently available in the market. To highlight its anti-sagging properties, a Sheetrock® plasterboard was placed into a display cabinet together with a few other plasterboard options available in the market today. Thanks to more than a century’s worth of science-based plasterboard innovation, Sheetrock® proved to have better sag resistance which greatly impressed the attendees. This display also managed to show that Sheetrock® plasterboards are up to 18% lighter compared to products with the same thickness. A score-and-snap session was also held for attendees to try out the Sheetrock® themselves and many found it surprisingly easy to work with.

Next up was the EasyFinish™ booth, which featured a masonry wall made entirely of clay bricks. The wall was built to provide real-life applications for all EasyFinish™ systems – EasyFinish™ Bond, EasyFinish™ Solid and EasyFinish™. The booth served its purpose of highlighting EasyFinish™ as a trustworthy replacement system for conventional cement plaster.

Moving on, the Durock® booth exhibited the versatility of Durock® in everyday scenarios by showcasing a huge curved wall as the main attraction. The booth also displayed a full system mockup which included a window panel to underline the system’s water-resistant properties. The accompanying hands-on sessions resulted on attendees expressing the ease of usage that Durock® provides compared to conventional exterior walls.

Maxi Skim™ 88 also had its own booth which was designed to promote the product as the perfect plaster finish. Hands-on sessions which included skim coating and joint treatment were also organized to exhibit the texture, feature, and advantage that Maxi Skim™ 88 offers. Through the hands-on sessions, attendees expressed satisfaction and pleasant surprise on the smoothness of the finished texture; testaments to the quality that Maxi Skim™ 88 provides.

The sheer grandeur and elegance of the Logix™ booth garnered the most interest and attention as it mimicked an airport lounge. The booth was deliberately designed this way to illustrate that the integrated ceiling system can be applied in hotels, hospitals, or any space to convey class and sophistication. A set of specially-crafted acoustic boxes were on display to showcase the sound absorption qualities possessed by the mineral fiber ceiling tiles.

Lastly, the final booth featured Securock® Glass-Mat Sheating. A bathroom setting was replicated to portray the moisture- and mold-resistance for the wet area of interior drywall. The other segment of the booth was presented in the form of a soffit area which the product excels at most.

This event proved to be fruitful as attendees were able to have a more comprehensive insight and hands-on experience of the innovative products and systems that the company offers. According to Managing Director of USG Boral Malaysia, Mr. Daron Cheah, this event served as a platform that enabled attendees to have first-hand experience with the products and systems as well as to experience how they can be utilized in real-life situations. Moreover, he added that this should position USG Boral Malaysia not only as a trusted plasterboard manufacturer, but also as a reliable solutions provider that offers comprehensive product coverage including ceiling, compound, metal framing and substrates as well.

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