Plasterboard Installation Preparation – Video Series

Video 1: Preparing to Plasterboard


  • 1.First inspect the framing of the wall or ceiling where you want to install new plasterboard.
  • 2.Take a straight-edge, and check that all the wall studs, noggings and ceiling joists are in true alignment. Trim back or pack-out framing members as needed. Also ensure all surfaces to be glued are clean and dry.


If installing plasterboard to metal frames or masonry walls, please contact USG Boral TecASSIST® on 1800 811 222 or visit your nearest USG Boral stockist.


For walls, use 10mm USG Boral SHEETROCK® wall board. Install the sheets horizontally across timber wall studs. Wall studs should be spaced a maximum of 600mm apart.

For ceilings, use 10mm SHEETROCK® ceiling board. Install the sheets at 90 degrees to the ceiling joists. Joists should be spaced a maximum of 600mm apart.

Plasterboard comes in several different sizes. To work out how much you need, measure the area to be covered and draw up a sketch. Then ask our staff to help you select the right-size sheets for your project.

They'll also help you select the following to complete your project:

  1. USG Boral Stud Adhesive
  2. Plasterboard screws or nails
  3. USG Boral Jointing compounds
  4. USG Boral Paper Jointing Tape
  5. Tools

If you're planning to install cornice, you'll need some lengths of USG Boral SHEETROCK® cove cornice and Cornice Adhesive.


Download the USG Boral Plasterboard Installation Manual for comprehensive technical information and installation guidelines.


Please note that these instructions don't cover walls in wet areas.

When installing plasterboard in areas such as bathrooms, en suites or laundries, you will need to use USG Boral WetStop™ or Multistop™ Plasterboard, that are designed to resist moisture.

Follow the USG Boral installation instructions for wet areas, found in the USG Boral Plasterboard Installation Manual.


  1. Ensure any ladders, scaffolding, trestles or planks you use are adequate and safe
  2. Read cautionary notes on all product packaging
  3. Wear safety gloves when using sharp tools
  4. Wear a dusk mask and eye protection when sanding
  5. We recommend you consult with a licensed electrician and/or plumber about any electrical wiring and/or plumbing requirements, prior to installing plasterboard

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