Knauf AU Asona Acoustical Ceiling Range for Unilodge - 55 Symonds St

Unilodge - 55 Symonds St


Unilodge – 55 Symonds St, Auckland


Ashton Mitchell


Hawkins Construction




Knauf ASONA® ACOUSTICAL CEILING RANGE – Triton Fabwall, Triton 15,  Triton Cloud Panel 25, 50, 75

Unilodge - 55 Symonds St

A high NRC acoustic treatment was developed to control the reverberation in the large open plan Study/Dining area in  the purpose built student accommodation.

Asona® collaborated with Architects Ashton Mitchell, Hawkins Construction and Alpha Interiors in developing an acoustic solution for the purpose built student accommodation 55 Symonds Street Unilodge. For noise control in the corridors, Asona manufactured a custom 1500 x 300mm Triton™ 15 acoustic ceiling panel to  span the full width of the corridor creating a cleaner ceiling layout with a high sound absorbing panel. 

The large open plan Study/Dining area required a  high NRC acoustic treatment to control the reverberation. Asona supplied Triton Cloud panels in 25, 50 & 75mm thicknesses wrapped in Texilla fabrics, producing  an overall NRC 1.00. The panels were installed with  a negative reveal one to another in a 3D arrangement across the study/dining area effectively controlling  the acoustics and the reverberation of this space while adding drama and interest to the ceiling.


Triton Baffle Beam 40mm in white Sonatex™ was used  to follow the curved wall leading into the study/dining area and mirrors the vertical wooden slats of the wall panelling providing additional acoustic control. The main feature wall separating the Study Lounge & Games Room, Asona manufactured and installed Triton Fabwall 40 in varying lengths wrapped in Textilla Bond-Leaf fabric with a 40mm reveal around each panel. The varied lengths and wide reveals softened this two story wall which if tightly fitted together would have been over powering.


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Download the full case study here.