Knauf AU Metal Ceiling for Pier 99

pier 99

Pier 99

Pyrmont, Sydney


Duffy Kennedy Constructions

Embossed stainless steel panels with mirror finish on a Hook-On Grid System

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Knauf metal ceiling completes a maritime design palette

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Located amidst the heritage wharf-side area of Sydney’s Pyrmont, Pier 99 is a residential mixed-use development. The commercial ground floor faces the bustling Pyrmont Bridge Road whilst the residents of the 76 apartments on the five upper storeys enter from their own dedicated entrance on a quiet Wattle Crescent rear street.

Architect Roland Martinez of JPRA says that it was important to differentiate the two uses by giving the apartments the address of 1 Wattle Street. The design emphasises the maritime heritage of the local area, especially in the entrance foyer.


JPRA selected from a wide palette of materials for the apartment entrance area to reflect the waterside ambiance. The use of old recycled timber for the walls around the lift doors brings old jetties to mind, while white panel board on the opposite wall is reminiscent of maritime architecture and detailing.

For the ceiling of the entry, Roland Martinez was looking for a ‘ripple effect’. The innovative Knauf stainless steel ceiling panels Roland Martinez and his team chose from a wide range of surface colours and effects have an embossed mirror finish – which achieved his vision of sun reflecting on a bay. The metal ceiling panels are suspended from a hook-on grid system with downlights around their sides adding a nautical feel. Some cut-outs were drilled in the panels to accommodate services such as the sprinkler system.

"The way Knauf responded to our design requirements was really impressive. We will definitely consider working with them again” - Roland Martinez, Director JPRA


Because the entry of Pier 99 is the main access to the building, Roland Martinez had to wait some time before his vision was realised, as trades involved in the project needed access via the area to the apartments.

The wait was rewarded when the ceiling panels were finally installed, completing the heritage and nautical look and feel. “The way Knauf responded to our design requirements was really impressive,” Roland Martinez adds. “We will definitely consider working with them again.”

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