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Welcome to the next generation of high performance wall and ceiling boards – a tiered system of six Multistop™ multi-attribute products and FIBEROCK® Aqua-Tough™ for tough environments and building code compliance demands.


Knauf’s multi-attribute boards let you choose from a range of products to suit the specific requirements of your commercial, residential, retail, health, education and sports facility projects.

Whether it’s resisting mould, water or fire, dampening sound or resisting impact, you can tailor a cost-effective linings solution to meet the many demands of building performance and applications.

With Multistop and FIBEROCK Aqua-Tough, you decide exactly which attributes you need for each part of your construction project.


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Multistop 3 Sound, fire and impact resistance
Multistop 3HI Sound, fire and high impact resistance
Multistop 4 Sound, fire, water and impact resistance
Multistop 4HI Sound, fire, water and high impact resistance
Multistop 5 Sound, fire, water, mould and impact resistance
Multistop 5HI Sound, fire, water, mould and high impact resistance
FIBEROCK Aqua-Tough Sound, fire, water, mould and very high impact resistance


Multistop™ 3

Sound, fire and impact resistance

Used for reception areas, libraries, music rooms, auditoriums, multi-residential projects, offices and retail fit-outs.

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Multistop™ 3 HI

The same attributes as Multistop 3, equipped with embedded mesh for even greater impact resistance

Suited to office corridors, classrooms, gymnasiums, community housing, entry foyers, shopping centre arcades and retirement homes.

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Multistop™ 4

Sound, fire, impact and water resistance

Suited to food courts, cafeterias, office kitchens, change rooms, toilet facilities and other potentially wet areas.

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Multistop™ 4 HI

All the attributes of Multistop 4 with embedded mesh for extra toughness and durability

Ideal for commercial kitchens, science or trade classrooms.

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Multistop™ 5

Sound, fire, impact, water and mould resistance

The choice for hotel bathrooms, commercial toilets, restaurants and laboratories.

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Multistop™ 5 HI

The attributes of Multistop 5 plus embedded mesh for high impact resistance

Additional protection for hospital walls and corridors and school corridors.

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FIBEROCK® Aqua-Tough™

Sound, fire, water and mould resistance – plus very high impact resistance.

Particularly suited for environments that demand a premium multi-attribute performance board – with the added advantage of an exceptionally high 95% recycled content.

Heavy-duty protection ideal for detention centres, aquatic centres and public toilet facilities. Also suited to external areas such as verandahs, al fresco dining areas, carports and eaves – or anywhere out of direct impact from rainfall.

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